Snowy Silver Maple

Night time photo capturing the wind through the trees after a snow storm.

It looks like Punxsutawney Phil was right, Spring is nearly hear. In fact, we enjoyed temperatures in the mid 70’s just a few days ago but alas, we’re suppose to get eight inches of snow tonight.  But all this weird weather hasn’t kept Marie Antoinette from making new bead necklaces, earrings and bracelets though. We just did a photo shoot of her latest offerings in February and they are now available for immediate purchase right on this website.

I installed PayPal buttons so now you don’t have to swim through the sea of temptations on Etsy. All jewelry I photograph will appear on our website for about a month (or until it is sold) or so before it is moved to the full catalog on Etsy. This gives you an opportunity to snatch-up something before it goes into our Etsy shoppe.

Photo of leaf pendant

Leaf pendant made from shell rest on a sheathed wire for a simple, elegant design.

Marie Antoinette has added a number of new necklace creations this month that feature natural shells. Two of them utilize a “double-strand” which makes them look like there is a lot to the necklace—It’s like hanging two of the same necklace around your neck at different lengths.  She also made a series of very simple, clean designed chokers. These chokers feature a heavy gage wire that she has inserted into a black rubber-like sheath and attached a 2″ extension to with a beautiful pendant as it’s prime focus. There is also one that has a glass heart with metal beads attached to the necklace.

Photo of brass ring bracelet

Brass washers combined with chrome metal rings and a charm.

For a bit of fun, Marie Antoinette took a bunch of brass washers and linked them together with chrome plated metal rings to make a bracelet. It is truly unique and features a charm that you could probably take somewhere to have something engraved into it.

Craft Shows Spring Up Slowly

On the craft show horizon, things are moving a little slower on all fronts. We’re researching new events to participate in and some of the one’s we have applied to have not made final judging or are not ready to post full details. I have a feeling it is going to be a last minute rush this year but stay tuned. I’ll have all the dates listed on the website and will start talking them up in the blog just as soon as we get word of which one’s we will be attending. Please follow us on Twitter of Friend us on Facebook for the latest news and blog updates.

Author: mgilvey

Mark Gilvey is husband to Marie Antoinette and takes care of the website, advertising, and helps out at craft shows. He speicaizes in commercial photography, branding, and web design/SEO. As owner of Mark Gilvey Creative, his goal is to help clients find creative visual solutions to improve their public image in print and online. Mark also has a website where his personal fine art photography can be seen.

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