Welcome to Jewelry by CorseCrafts

Handmade art jewelry and crafts.
I may design all of my own jewelry but with out the support of the following individuals, my business would not work as well as it does.

I would first like to thank my son Christopher Gilvey for helping me at craft shows. He really does a lot including, packing and unpacking the car, setting up beautiful displays that make my jewelry creations look great. He also helps with customer service talking to customers, running the credit card machine, making change, packaging and seeing the sales through from start to finish.

My husband, Mark Gilvey also helps with the craft shows as well as do all my photography, maintain my website, schedule all of the craft shows and works on my marketing. He has a fine art photography website called Mark Gilvey Fine Art Photography that you should check out. In his day job, he runs his own design firm called Mark Gilvey Creative. He offers clients commercial photography, branding, graphic design, web design and search engine optimization.

Saving the best for last is my rag-doll pussycat; Sammy. Sammy likes to sit on the bed behind me as I work on my new jewelry creations. If I move to my business office he will follow me in there. He also tells me when there is an issue with his bowl.

It is a blessing to have such a professional team to help support me in my efforts—Bravo!