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Corsica (WikI) is rich in beauty from its green granite stone, white sand and stone beaches to its snow-capped mountains—all just minutes away from each other by car. It is home to Club Med and just about any water or land sport you can think of. Many Europeans visit Corsica annually but most American’s pass it by which is a shame because people who like to travel off the beaten path will find that Corsica really is “off the beaten path.” While most business proprietors know some English, it never hurts for you to know some French as well. As you watch the video my son made with his, and his fathers’ photos, imagine yourself, walking through the woods, down a narrow street or sipping water from a fountain that comes straight from the mountain.

On a warm summer day, the scent of the maquis (sounds like “mah-key”) fills the air and it is just wonderful. Maquis, is low growing green leaf plant that covers the mountainsides. It is sort of like a shrub with a musk-like scent.

Nicknamed “the island of beauty” it is from this natural wonder that I draw my inspiration for designing art jewelry. I love Corsica, it is in my heart and soul.

Marie Antoinette