Mare Antoinette has been making a lot of changes to her jewelry designs over the years. Like her jewelry, her website has also been evolving so I felt it was time for another update. The blog and static website are now using one contiguous design and it is now mobile friendly. This should provide you, her wonderful customers and visitors, a better user experience no matter what type of device you are using.

The website now uses WordPress in its’ entirety but that doesn’t mean it took any less time to develop. Many people think that if they have a WordPress site, it is just a simple task to put up and you’re done but once they get into it, they realize that web pages need to be optimized so they can be found, menus need to be in certain order, plugins need to selected and tested (and tested again), images and graphics created etc. In fact, while the main architecture may be completed in an instant by selecting a new theme, it doesn’t really save any time because you end up putting more effort in to other aspects.

I think that any creative process works that way; where we once struggled to create a technique becomes automated, we then see the problems that were once hidden by it and we end up fixing them manually until they become automated and we see another problem. I see this all the time as someone who uses Photoshop. I buy books, take webinars and learn how to do a special technique and then Adobe or a third party plug-in developer makes a filter that does the same thing in a click. Then that frees me up to find other problems I hadn’t seen.

Do you have this issue as well? As long as it makes it better in the end, whatever “it” is, that’s all that matters. Enjoy.


Image graphic of CorseCraft icon art.

Author: mgilvey

Mark Gilvey is husband to Marie Antoinette and takes care of the website, advertising, and helps out at craft shows. He speicaizes in commercial photography, branding, and web design/SEO. As owner of Mark Gilvey Creative, his goal is to help clients find creative visual solutions to improve their public image in print and online. Mark also has a website where his personal fine art photography can be seen.

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